Replacement spirals

Spiral screws : a proven principle

Archimedes was a mathematician and an inventor from Ancient Greece. He left his mark on his era with such inventions as the catapult, the lever and the screw.

Archimedes was able to show that when a screw turns in a cylinder, it transports the material in front of it.

This proven principle leads to a trouble free design which can transport slushy and sticky material with ease.

Over the past years, SPIRALENGINEERING has refined and optimized the manufacturing processes for its Spiral Screws.

We are now manufacturing ourselves screws of virtually all sizes.

The spirals are in general made of high strength low alloy steel at different flight thickness, but other materials can be used like AISI, ASTM, 4140, 8620, SS304L, SS316L, incoloy, hardox and even aluminium, to name a few.


  • Shaftless sizes from 3.2 mm to 30 mm thick by 3.2 mm to 80 mm (more if multiflight)
  • Step Spirals
  • Tandem inserts
  • Modular high wear zones
  • Brushes
  • Bolted UHMW friction corona
  • Our quality assurance
  • High torque resistance
  • High torsion rigidity
  • High buckling safety
  • High stability
  • Precise dimension
  • Low dead weight
  • Low wear

Spare screws

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