Spiral sand separator

The Spiral Sand Separator is designed to collect grit or other types of heavier sediment particles and separate them from water and organic material.

Water to be cleaned passes through the charging inlet and is let into the decantation hopper, where an underflow baffle will create an even laminar flow for the sedimentation of solid particles.

The shaftless spiral screw will transport the washed sediment sand at a low speed of rotation to a collection container, and the treated water comes out of the discharge spout.

The Efficient Solution

  • High reliability, long lasting
  • Simple, economical and trouble free
  • Separates up to 90% solids
  • Compact and adaptable to your existing equipment
  • Low speed rotation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Replaceable wear parts
  • Shaftless or shafted spiral screw
  • Tailor design available
  • he best warranty on the market

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